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"I offer compassionate counseling for all ages, designed to uplift and empower. 

I aim to help my clients attain health, balance, and discover their bliss."


  • Treating Anxiety and Panic

  • Wellness and Relationship Coaching

  • Grief and Loss

  • The Highly Sensitive Person

  • Life Transitions for Women

  • Divorce Support

  • High Achievers with High Stress

  • Elementary, Middle, & High School Aged Girls

  • Self Esteem Support

  • Healing Through Illness 

Enjoying the Nature

Goddess Retreats

Goddess Retreats offer a chance to grow your intuition and connection to you highest self.  Retreats are offered for teenage girls ages 14-18, and Adult women.  Past retreats have been in Santorini, and the Greek Islands, Istanbul, Turkey, New Mexico, Sedona, Up North Michigan , Florida, and the Islands of Italy.  Please contact us for a list of events and retreats happening this year!

Retreats typically offer yoga, meditation, classes to increase your intuition, and rituals to release the old and worn out in order to bring in abundance.  It's an experience to cultivate self awareness and love.

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