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Be Well with

Online or in person Counseling with Erin Weber

Meet Erin

Licensed Psychotherapist & Reiki Master 

Welcome!  I have been serving families and individuals at my private practice in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and clients across the globe virtually for 15 years.  I am a licensed and board certified psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, and Reiki master-teacher.  I am passionate about helping to create mental and emotional health for my clients.  I offer compassionate counseling designed to support, uplift, and empower.  


What I Specialize In

Treating Anxiety & Panic

Wellness and Relationship Coaching

Highly Sensitive People

Teenage Girls & Self Esteem

"Good things are coming."

"I was suffering from panic attacks for 5 years before I started
working with Erin. Now, I am living panic free.  I feel confident and
happy, and I am no longer afraid.  I feel great, and found the entire
process comfortable and relaxing.  Thank you so much for everything. This has totally changed my life!!!"

- Sarah

I made an appointment with Erin after my partner suddenly passed away.  I was having a really hard time moving beyond the grief.  I found her sessions comforting, and I always left hopeful.  I feel I am able to connect now with my partner's love, but still live here and now.  Thank you for the warmth!


"I came to Erin after a difficult divorce.  I had a hard time seeing the positive.  Finding Erin was a gift.  I am so grateful for where I am at now, and would not have believed a year ago that I could be this happy."


I was really struggling with toxic relationships.  Same pattern, different person.  Erin helped me regain my self-confidence, learn to set boundaries, and make my needs a priority in my relationships.

- V

“My daughter was being bullied during her first year of high school, and she became very depressed because of it.  Erin helped her learn to be assertive and stand up for herself.  She became more confident and learned to surround herself with people she trusted.”

- Lynn

I began counseling after I got promoted at work, and the stress was overwhelming.  It was so helpful working with Erin and learning to make self care a priority.  Just having someone to hold me accountable for my wellbeing feels so good.  

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